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HVLP spray gun Product

Gluegun GAG16 GAG500 GAG500N
Hotairgun DPR2000H DPR33 DPR7
HotSales PAP18DC
HVIPfloorbasedspraygun 600W PAP350 PAP500 PAP600 PAP900
HVIPhandheidspraygun 280W 300W 450W
Laserlevel laserspraygun
Paintroller EPR45
Sharpener CHA130
Solderinggun PAS100 PAS700
Solenoidpaintspraygun PAP100S120S PAP110C PAP60B PAP60C PAP60S80S PAP80B

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Do you know what is a HVLP spray gun? The high volume low-pressure(HVLP) spray gun is named after its working features. It is connected to a turbine motor that drives a high volume of warm air under low pressure into the gun. This kind spray gun can be used for painting car,wall and other surfaces. If you have any need,you can log in our website: ,or dial our hotlion 0086 21 5505 9572.

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